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September 2023 Newsletter

September 2023 Newsletter

New Season, New Members!

The Grape harvest is quickly approaching and our new Pinot Gris are really taking to the soil and we have some nice bunches forming that will allow us to explore more options with them this year. So keep your eyes on the website and social media for some sneak peaks at what might be to come.

Additionally, with late coming summer sun on its way, with it has brought a new member to team Crouch Ridge in Matt our new Sommelier who has recently joined us. He is eager to talk Crouch Ridge wine with anyone who pops in and is currently leading all our wine tastings, so make sure to book your wine tastings with him.


Sunset Tour

On the 9th September at 6:30pm, we have an amazing opportunity to see the vineyard at a unique time of day as well as a special wine tasting with Matt, a choice of boards to cure those evening hunger pains with a portion of chips also included. Tickets are £55 per person with limited spaces so please give us a call to book your tickets fast.

Once again this year the Terrace is open and in full swing with great views across the Crouch Valley and the River Crouch. We would love to see you all with a glass in hand and especially our Rose which is perfect this time of year, paired beautifully with our freshly battered Fish and Chips or a light lunchtime sandwich.


Vine Time!

Since the last newsletter, we have gone from the hottest month, to the wettest month.  The vines have gone through flowering and they have gone through berry swell to verification, or change of colour from green to either deep dark red in the Pinot Noir or golden yellow in the Chardonnay. There has been plenty of activity during this time, but mostly the management of the canopy,  we need to keep the leaves clean from disease, and the weather has been against us, we have been stem training into the wire work, otherwise the stems, heavy with vines would collapse on the ground and with the strong wind would break off.

Now comes the crunch time in the season, and with some of the heaviest vines, we will make decisions on what style of wines we will be making this year.  Fingers crossed.

Onto one of the busiest months within the vineyard in September with everything at a go and harvest imminent, will mean we will have an exciting edition next month with details on how our harvest is going and some special moments within. And maybe, Just maybe a little launch of something special, that should keep the taste buds going through winter.