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Harvest 2017- Grape News

Harvest 2017- Grape News

After an eventful growing season with some late frosts in April which badly affected Vineyards throughout England, we managed to get away with a little frost damaged to some of our Chardonnay primary buds. This resulted in us being slightly down on our predicted yield for 2017.

The unpredictable weather continued with a long, dry, hot Spring bringing flowering two weeks earlier than usual, with verasion appearing in August where normally we would see verasion in early September. A cool wet Summer was followed by late Autumn sunshine & the grape sugars rose and the acidity balanced.

Surprisingly for such a difficult year Harvest was early, we stared our harvest on 28th September in the 2013 Vineyard & for the first time in the 2015 Vineyard, harvesting Chardonnay first, then Pinot Noir. Our team picked just under 4 tonne of grapes, these were taken direct to NewHall winery where they were weighed and pressed. All grapes grown at Crouch Ridge Vineyard will be pressed and bottled for our Estate wines.

We look forward to the first release of our Estate Pinot Noir Rosé and Estate Chardonnay from this vintage; and the release of our Crouch Ridge 2016 Sparkling Blanc de Blanc in June 2018.