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Local Press Release

Local Press Release

Family Run Vineyard to celebrate release of first Estate Wine this June

A FAMILY run vineyard will be introducing their first Estate wine this June after a very successful first harvest last year. Samantha Lonergan, 49, is the fourth generation of the Bass family to farm the land at Althorne Hall Farm. This year, on 4th June, during the English Wine Week, Crouch Ridge Vineyards will unveil their first Estate White Wine, a medium dry in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Mrs Lonergan said: “We had excellent growing conditions last year, with warmer temperatures in September which yielded a great first crop. “We wanted to introduce it during the English Wine Week in June because as well as promoting our wine it also promotes English Wine on the whole, as it’s now considered premium. 

“Particularly in the South East now there have been some great wines produced, it’s so great that we’re a part of it.”


In celebration of their first Estate Wine going on sale, Crouch Ridge will be holding an event to let people try the wine for themselves. They will have their own expert viticulturist at the farm giving guided tours of the vineyard in the evening, to show people how the grape vines are farmed and maintained. Live music will be heard from a solo guitarist and a group called The Alley Cats from Danbury. Local beers, fruit juices and food will also be provided.

Mrs Lonergan added: “We wanted to have everything at our farm as locally sourced as possible, from the food and beer to the band performing.

“We feel it will add something to the already friendly community. It would be so nice to have locals join us, it’s a lovely vineyard and I know how good the atmosphere will be.”

Crouch Ridge plan to release a limited amount of their first wine on the same day, aiming for between 500-600 bottles, each priced at £9.99. Their event costs £5 for adults, which includes the wine tasting, with all children under 18 getting in for free.

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